Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet...

Hi guys, I know I haven't written anything in a while but it's sunny outside and this NEVER happens in Belfast so I've been out trying to tan myself. If like me you're whiter than white and reflect the sunshine then you'll probably not have tanned either, but never fear because I've found a great new tan for us all to fake it with. It's called Xen Tan and it's just great! most people I know are religious about sun beds but I'm far too lazy to constantly go on them so fake tan it is. Usually I find most tans drag on my skin because I have quite dry skin or else they'll all just wash off in the shower but this tan is definitely a contender for the best one I've used. If you go on the website you can order online or find where your local stockists are and even better which salons use it for spray tans. I'm wearing the dark lotion (236ml) that costs £28.99 which isn't bad considering you don't need to use a lot to get a nice bronzed even look, so it lasts for a while. Usually I would wear medium but this washes off to leave you with a nice glow instead of a horrible dirty brown colour like most tans. The great thing about this is it starts to develop immediately and you can see it on your skin so you know if you've missed a bit while applying, plus it only takes 3 hours to fully develop - the white girls guide to quick tanning.
So apart from tanning myself I've only gone and got myself a job FINALLY which means I can buy lots of nice clothes to bask in this sunshine (if it lasts!) I went for my interview on Tuesday for Schuh and found out I got the job the next day which means SOOO MANY SHOES FOR ME. For anyone who knows me they'll probably know I love my trainers, I would much rather go for a rave in a pair of air max than fall over myself in high heels, unless they're my white wedges from Kurt Geiger because they're just perfect. Here I am with my beautiful friends wearing my beautiful white wedges. I fell over myself SEVEN times that night. 
I'll let you all in on a secret which kills me but I really should spread the joy, they're now down to £59 on Kurt Geiger online, sickening.

Here's a close up of them in all their glory 
I completely digressed from trainers to heels there but as I was saying, I love trainers and have already spied some beauties that I want to get my hands on. When you work in Schuh you have to wear trainers that you can buy there, so that's my excuse for all the trainers I plan to buy. These are actually men's and only start in a 7 so I'm praying they'll be a small fit, look aren't they beaut!?
Nike air base ii - £72
Seeing as I'll have some money soon I've started to make notes of all the clothes and bikinis I want, I'm not actually going on holiday but I figured if this sun sticks around then I'll need more bikinis to wear - right?
My favourite but most dreaded shop is Urban Outfitters because they're so pricey but so god damn good at making clothes that I want. I think they definitely take the crown for best high street bikinis and I actually bought one of my favourite bikinis from there last year. It's high waisted, cost me £30 and was worth every penny. Here I am with my sister pretending I'm a 1950s pin up girl on the beach..
Mia (left) wears Primark bikini & Topshop shorts and me on the right wearing my bikini and denim shorts, both from Urban Outfitters! Headband from a Vintage shop in Glasgow and both pairs of sunglasses from Primark.
Here's my list of summer must haves -
  • Sunglasses from Primark, they're cheap and on trend and never more than £4 so you don't need to worry about losing them and can buy as many pairs as you like.
  • A pair of denim shorts, they're versatile and go with everything and easy to throw on over a bikini if you're not brave enough to bare it all.
  • A head scarf or hat, a burnt scalp is not pleasant and no one wants to put sun cream on their heads (the greasy look is not chic) so get yourself a scarf from a vintage shop or even use one of your granny's old scarves to avoid the pain!
  • Jelly Sandals, like flip flops and sandals but comfier and more fun. Embrace your inner 90's kid and get yourself a pair of JuJu Jellies like this. JuJu Jellies can be found in Office, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and many more shops. Check out their website to see where you can get them near you.
These come in almost every colour you can think of!
  • Sun cream!! I don't know why people are so anti sun cream, fair enough it stops you tanning a bit but hellooo ladies we don't want to look like leather bags when we're older. Skin cancer is not fun! Plus it's only about £3 a bottle so save yourself the hassle in years to come and get it on.
  • A kimono, I am all about the kimono this year. I absolutely love the ones Topshop have in ATM and even though they're a bit pricey, they're the perfect cover up for the beach or even just to throw on over shorts and t-shirt to glam up an outfit a bit. 
    This Aztec Embroidered Kimono is £60 from Topshop but I think it's worth it!
  • Finally, a tan. Whether you fake it or bake it everyone loves being tanned - it's the ultimate accessory.
So if you're going away or sunning yourself in this heatwave then hopefully that checklist has reminded you of something you need for that last minute holiday, or if you just want to look your best in your back garden. The suns just come through the clouds as I'm writing this so I'm definitely rushing the end of this to get out in it, I am taking every second of these rays as a blessing from the sun gods. I'll be back soon to talk about the sun and more clothes I want, I can guarantee it. 

Thanks for reading!
Lots of love & kisses,

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