Friday, 26 July 2013

Always time for camo..

There was a thunderstorm today so I thought it was the perfect excuse for me to wear all black again, yay! I went for my favourite slouchy harem pants that I got years ago in Primark that seem to have been a timeless investment. My t-shirt is actually just a plain black one from h&m that's been dipped in bleach by my very artistic little sister and turned orange and my jacket I found in the Topshop sale for £20! I know last year was the year of the camo but I will always love a good camouflage jacket. I like how this one is cropped and has a fur collar so it's not quite like the ones that EVERYONE wore last year but still a nod to the camo invasion of 2012. My rings here are a pack from h&m which are their take on those Balenciaga ones that everyone is dying about and were only £4. My necklace is the ASOS version of the Celiné ID chain which cost me £15.
My shoes are Deena & Ozzy from Urban Outfitters but they're actually pretty wrecked since I wore them to death last year so I won't give you a close up of them haha! Thanks for reading,
Love and kisses,
Katie xx

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  1. Cool nails - such bargains you picked up! Got some Deena & Ozzy shoes in the UO sale, they have awesome designs :)

    Amelia xx