Thursday, 18 July 2013


Hiiiyas! I decided today to do a little mobile post in between my next blog and this is my first ever outfit post as well :) Most fashion blogs usually consist of people posting their own outfits for others to see so I thought I'd give it a go. Sadly I don't own as many lovely clothes as most of the bloggers online but ah well I'll try and make the best of what I have! Today I'm wearing a Primark Aztec print maxi skirt that I grabbed last minute before I left Liverpool (obviously they wouldn't have this in Belfast!) which cost £10 and my favourite summer shirt; my mint green floaty shirt from Urban Outfitters which only cost me £5 in their summer sale last year. My boots are from Office and are the one thing I own which I never have off me, partly because they cost me £85 but it was worth it. So without the boots my outfit cost me a total of £15 and you can find this sort of thing everywhere now. The best place to find maxi skirts I feel is in a charity shop, there's always tonnes of 90's maxi dresses with wacky prints on them and they're usually no more than £7. You'd also be surprised what gems you can find at the back of your mums/aunts/granny's wardrobe so go and have a rummage and see what you can find! Maxi dresses on a hot day are always a winner.
P.S I've tied this skirt up with a bobble to show a bit of ankle clevage so I wasn't walking around looking like a nun, give it a go if you want to jazz things up a bit ;)
Thanks for reading!

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