Friday, 19 July 2013

Too hot for trousers..

Note to self: don't wear denim in the sunshine. Excuse my wearing of the same blouse but I haven't been home (although I did change my trousers which I brought thinking it would be cold, it wasn't.) These high waisted Levi 501s are my absolute favourite thing to wear because they go with everything and pinch your waist in at its smallest point which is very flattering. They cost me £30 from a vintage shop in Liverpool and you can find them in most vintage or charity shops, roll up the bottom for the ultimate 80s look. My blouse is the same as before from Urban Outfitters and my fedora hat was £8 from H&M last year, Misguided do a great version on their website and it even comes in burgundy so you can buy two :) My bag is from Primark and cost me £10 but I think it looks rather expensive and is one of my favourite purchase of the year, it's a complete Mary Poppins bag and holds everything but the kitchen sink!

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