Sunday, 30 June 2013

Oh help, the Zara sale..

Heyyy guys! 
Now I don't know if you've heard, but now you should all know that the Zara sale has started and it's the best thing to ever happen to women and men around the world because the clothes are delish! I went in the other day for a "browse" and because I'm currently jobless I only allowed myself to purchase one t-shirt priced at ten pounds, but it was a damn good t-shirt. I know this might look like your average black t-shirt but it's so well made and if you look at the detail on the sleeves it kind of reminds me of the clothes you see Azealia Banks sporting these days. It's sort of like her futuristic cut out cat suit meets net infused Baroque look (well that's what I'm calling it anyway) Here's a picture of Azealia looking fierce at Governors Ball Music Festival, I have no idea who made this (I searched) but if I did I'd be having one of these sent to me immediately because this is the best thing I've ever seen.

And here's my Zara purchase..
The sleeve detail completely changes it from a normal jersey t-shirt into something quite fancy
This has been hanging up I swear, Jersey material creases easily... 

Sadly I didn't buy anything else but of course I had my eye on a good few things so I've gone on the website and done your dirty work for you, if you couldn't be bothered going into town or if your shop doesn't have much sale left then try the online sale for some bargains. My favourite thing in the sale is definitely this top with matching skirt. I absolutely love the print on this, you could wear them both together as the colours of the print ensure it's not too in your face yet if you wore them separately they could add something to the simplest outfits.
This amazing Jacquard pattern top is down to £29.99 and the skirt is  £22.99
 My next favourite item is this gold velvet kimono, I tried it on and wept because even though it's in the sale it's actually still £59.99 down from £79. I would really recommend this though if you're looking for a staple piece that might be a bit pricey but is guaranteed to jazz up any outfit. You could literally wear this with plain black jeans and a black t-shirt and because it is so luxurious you would look amazing, so ladies if you can afford to splash out then seriously go for it! Especially since kimonos are everywhere nowadays you simply have to treat yourself to one... 

If I started going through all the clothes in Zara I loved this post would never end so instead I'm going to move on to accessories and shoes. I'll narrow it down to my favourite sandals, slippers and platforms so I'm not here all day..
White is great in the summer for making you look tanner than you actually are, plus these are lovely and only £29.99 (they also come in tan leather)

These leopard print slippers are so cute and look really expensive yet are only £29.99
Plus you'd be conquering two trends at once with leopard print and pony skin.
These are £25.99 and I don't need to say anything else

Everyone needs a big tan leather bag because once you have one you'll ask yourself "how did I ever survive without this?" The neutral colour means that you can wear them with almost everything and even though this bag seems big, once you start using it you realise that you're actually Mary Poppins and you want to carry as much as possible around with you at all times. It also helps with this new "bag tax" going on in Belfast so if you're asked "would you like a bag?" you can say "no no, I'll just stick in my new tan shopper bag, thanks".
£39.99 but looks like its worth £3999, bargain!
So if like me you find yourself salivating over these items then get online or get yourself down to the Zara sale because these bargains are not going to lie around waiting for you!
You can thank me later sure...
Lots of love

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