Monday, 22 July 2013

Copy Cats..

Hello again!
I was just looking at my instagram and realised that I'd posted about Kenzo jumpers and forgotten all about my post I said I'd do on designer copy cats on the high street, whoops! So basically I was having a snoop in the Topshop sale and found an amazing jumper with a tiger on it which is almost identical to the Kenzo one except for the print on the jumper (and of course the quality but shh.) What's even better is that the jumper was only £18 in the sale which is great knowing that I could pretend I was in Kenzo when really my jumper was about 300 pounds cheaper than the original :-)

The thing that I hate about myself most is that I have the most expensive taste, give me a page of items and you're guaranteed that I will pick the most expensive without even meaning to, maybe I've just got an eye for quality ;) but really though, I hate it. I always want something that I could never afford so I make it my mission to find a similar but cheaper option and considering almost everything on the high street is inspired by the catwalk I always manage to find something. I've decided to do a special post for all of you who want some new clothes but don't get paid until the end of the month; my top 5 under £25!

Number one is this amazing mesh crop top from Motel Rocks. These are a big hit this summer, especially considering we're in the middle of (or coming to an end of) a heatwave! You could wear this over your bikini on the beach or you could throw it on over a really lovely bra or bandeau and pair with a pair of denim shorts/disco pants to head out for the night. Also this is only £19 which is a very decent price for one of the most wanted items of clothing this summer.
Find this here at
Number two is a rather raunchy mesh bra from Smut, if you're not already familiar with Smut and their infamous "Naughty Vicar" t-shirt then get acquainted because their clothes are amazing. This bra is not for the faint hearted but I really love mesh bra's. I find them much more comfortable to wear, especially in the summer heat. This is priced at £16 and would work well underneath the mesh crop top from Motel Rocks, if you don't mind flashing a bit of nip that is ;)
Find this product here at

What do you know, number three is a kimono (surprise surprise) which I mentioned I am in love with this summer. If I haven't already mentioned I am all about monochrome, I'm pale so I don't think bright colours suit me that much and I tend to wear a lot of black and white so this Aztec print kimono (£21.99) from Misguided is perfect for me. The great thing about a kimono is that it can change the most simple outfit into something amazing AND the short sleeves on this won't make you feel so guilty about wearing black in the summer.
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Next up at number four are Juju Jellies which are just an absolute must for the summer time. These particular jelly shoes are a different style to the usual ones that everyone is wearing but I think they are adorable and are only £6.50 in the ASOS sale (everyone calm down and thank ASOS later.) Sadly you don't get to choose your colour because these are in the sale but I think these off yellow/lime ones are perfect anyway and nice and bright to go with all the monochrome items you've just bought (I'm such a bad influence.)
Find them here at
And last but not least my fifth item is going to have to be an accessory to complete your look so I'm going to go against my rule of always buying Primark sunglasses and instead suggest these Gina metal trim ones from Boohoo. Again black, I'm sorry I just can't help but be drawn to it! Black is a good choice for sunglasses though as you can wear them with any outfit. Even better that these are only £10 so a good investment to complete your summer look. I'm like the clothing devil on your shoulder....

Find them here at

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope I've not tempted you too much if you are really short on money ATM like me. Thankfully I start my new job on Saturday so you will all be subjected to my constant posting when I spend all my wages on clothes. 
Lots of love and kisses,

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