Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Current obsession - Turtle necks..

One thing I love about fashion and trends is that they are forever changing and being altered through time. It's interesting that this particular trend didn't ever change through time, rather I did. Turtle necks/Polo necks whatever you want to call them, they've always been around. Probably at the height of their fame in the 90s when Cher from Clueless rocketed them into the spotlight with her turtle neck/plaid combos. Everyone was wearing them to complete their preppy look and they never really died out after that. A wardrobe staple for many but never for me. When I was younger there wasn't any item of clothing I hated more than the turtle neck, honestly I can't describe how many fusses I would kick up because my mum wanted me to wear one from the Zara kids range. It's quite funny that all the things you love as an adult you hate as a child, now I absolutely adore Zara and ideally would love my child to dress in their beautiful childrens clothes, but to a young girl who's trying so hard to fit in, Zara turtle necks and cords didn't exactly scream "I'm cool".

The turtle neck started to creep up on me a few months ago, I noticed more and more of them popping up on blogs, instagram and in magazines. At first I didn't know what to make of them, all of a sudden I wasn't feeling ill over the thought of them but rather admiring them (still not wearing though, that step took some time). It wasn't until I walked into Zara one day before Christmas and set eyes on the most beautiful turtle neck I'd ever seen that my life changed forever. I was officially old and my tastes were changing and I actually loved a turtle neck! From this day on I've been smitten and I find myself picking them up in nearly every shop I see them in. So in a tribute to the Turtle neck I've decided to create a Polyvore set of all my favourite ones, designer and high street. Hopefully you're inspired and if you still hate them like I used to then maybe this post will have you reconsidering. I think you're officially old when you find yourself picking up clothes and saying "not only is this nice but it'll keep me warm TOO".

Big ups to not being fourteen and shivering in the snow because coats "aren't cool".
Lots of love,


Sonia rykiel sweater

The Row blue sweater

Alaïa shirts top

Heartbreaker turtleneck top
$480 - jades24.com

MAGJAY grey turtleneck

Uniqlo ribbed turtleneck
$33 - uniqlo.com

H M sweater
$25 - hm.com

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