Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hippy blankets...

I'm trying to get used to doing short and sweet posts, I usually panic over the fact that I can't think of something to write about and then I end up writing a bible on what I think about turtle necks, I'm a waffler I know. Anyway I just wanted to share with you all my latest gift that I have received off my lovely friend Gemma. Before christmas I asked her to crochet me and my sister two lovely blankets so that I could give one as a gift and keep one for myself. Gemma has been a busy little bee and because I asked for mine to be nice and big it took her a little longer than the first, but mine is finally here and I am IN LOVE!

I've always loved these blankets and when I found out Gemma could crochet I knew I had to ask for one. I'd checked online for a few but the cheapest I could find was Etsy for ridiculous prices like £80, for a blanket?! no chance. If you like the look of these blankets you should check out Gemma's facebook page for her company and some of the other designs she's done and maybe even contact her to make you one of your own. The quality of the blanket is amazing and everything about it is perfect, right down to the way she wrapped it in a little bow for me, presentation is key! Here's a link to her Facebook page here

See I said short and sweet! just a bit of friendly promotion for a pal because she's knitted me the best blanket in the world. You should definitely invest in one I'm convinced the crochet radiates happy hippy vibes I've been feeling very giddy since it arrived, see look how happy I am.

Happy blanket head

Oh by the way... I'm going to Paris in a few days so expect plenty of stories and pictures about my trip to the city of light. Oh and did I mention it's fashion week when I'm there?
Love yaaa,

Blanket making my room look lovely

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