Monday, 20 January 2014

Dry January...

I'm saying bonjour because I have fab news that I want to tell everyone and I thought I should start my post with a French word, seeing as I've become a complete Francophile ever since booking a trip to PARIS!
Yes I've managed to do the sensible thing with my student loan and book myself a trip to Paris at the end of February. Initially me and my boyfriend decided we wanted to go to Paris and thought we may as well book it over his birthday so we can celebrate being 23 in gay Paris. Oh and did I mention that it's fashion week while I'm there? that had nothing to do with me choosing the dates I swear....

I actually don't think I'll be able to handle all the beautiful people that will be everywhere when I'm there so I'll try my best to get as many street style snaps of them as I possibly can for you all to drool over. Saying that Paris is definitely the hardest city for getting close to any shows or beautiful people (French Somerset house anyone?) so I'll probably be hanging outside the buildings like a crazy fan girl hoping Rhianna is at the Chanel show and wants to be my mate. Of course there's much more to Paris than fashion week (ummm) so I'd love if anyone reading this has been and could fill me in on some hidden gems they found while visiting.

Also on the topic of street style I was thinking maybe I should start doing some of that in Liverpool so that I didn't always have to post pictures of myself (which I am not fond of doing but I've made a promise to do more) I actually don't even know what clothes to post myself in because I haven't done ANY shopping with my loan as I'm saving for Paris. I'm definitely one of those melters who isn't going to stop talking about their holiday until about 5 months after they're back, #sorrynotsorry.

So in place of all the clothes I'm NOT BUYING I've decided to make a list of my favourite items of clothing (that I want and can pretend I have until I can start spending money again) for January. This is my dry January unfortunately.

P.s there are links to everything here underneath ;)
Lots of love,
Katie xx


$ by whatktwore featuring a pullover sweater


  1. Hey Katie, you should check out 'kilo shop' on Rue de Paris (Le Marais, close to hotel de Ville) it sells vintage by the kilo, its a chain theres a few around paris. I bought so much fur, it was a dream. you should check it out!

    1. Hey! aww thanks so much for the tip, I'm so so excited to go but slightly worried i'll have a mental breakdown trying to make it everywhere I want to go. I considered bringing hand luggage but I'm definitely booking on a case so I have space for my shopping haha. xx