Monday, 2 September 2013

Autumn wish list...

Sorry I've been so bold these past few days but every time I've gone to write a blog post I've just eaten sweets and watched films instead. I think I'm trying to lap up the last of my home comforts before I head back to uni and live in squalor and poverty for another year. Although this time of year gets me SO EXCITED for two reasons, one is that it's almost autumn and I can finally wear all the jumpers,boots,coats and furs my heart so desires. I think I mentioned before I'm not a summer kind of gal. The second reason is that it's almost time to move into my new house and decorate it. The only thing I love as much as clothes shopping is bedroom designing. Oh how I love it. Seriously I could spend hours and hours on Tumblr looking at bedrooms and dreaming of my room and how I'm going to design it, does this mean I'm getting old because I'm having serious joy times over pillows and rugs? I'll actually probably do a post on my new house and room when I get back to show you all what I've bought. Anyway I'm digressing, so I decided to do something with my time and stop eating sweets and seeing as it's almost loan time (yay!) I'm going to do an Autumn wishlist. I think I've spent the whole summer adding things I couldn't afford to my favourites so that I would remember to buy them with my loan, this is a very bad thing to do so please don't do it. I could honestly be here forever telling you about everything that I want so I'm going to try and whittle it down as much as I possibly can by just putting together a virtual outfit.

D&G Green Lipstick (stolen from Azealia Banks' Instagram)
Urban Outfitters Printed Band Panama Hat £28 
Topshop AGE Chelsea Boots £62
Primark AW13 Collection Oversized shirt £12

Topshop MOTO Ripped High Waisted Mom Jeans £42
Zara Faux Leather Jacket £69.99

You actually can't begin to understand how long it took me to decide which items made the cut and which didn't. I think as a full outfit this would be so nice though so decided to go for these items, although I wish the chelsea boots came in black! I think the chocolate would be a nice alternative though, plus I own about a million pairs of black boots already. Sorry this post isn't as long as usual but I'm actually holding off watching Breaking Bad to do this and I cannot hold off any longer. FYI you NEED to watch Breaking Bad if you aren't already watching, it's unbelievably good TV.
Lots of love and kisses,


  1. i love those jeans! great post xx

    1. Thank you Sophie :)great aren't they, definitely gonna have to stick them on the topshop card haha! xx

  2. Hey, lovely blog! Just started following you :) x

    1. Thank you lovely, will return the favour! x