Sunday, 8 September 2013

Karl does Kim..

Kim Kardashian is a bit like marmite, you either love her or loathe her. I have a lot of friends who absolutely adore her and her family and regularly indulge in the Kardashian lifestyle through the medium of TV. I've tried to watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians" or "KUWTK" for short and I just can't get into it. Maybe it's their whiney American accents or maybe it's the fact that their mother (Kris Jenner) is slowly but surely invading and exposing every inch of their lives so that she can make lots of money from it, not really my thing.

It was to my great amusement that I heard Kim and Kanye were having a baby because in my mind that relationship was never going to last. I just think they're two completely different people from different worlds, yes they're both rich but it was a struggle for Kanye, Kim... not so much. She's privileged to the point where I didn't think she could ever be normal, but then look at Kanye now, all that money has gone to his head. When I heard that Anna Wintour had banned Kim from the Met Ball I laughed and laughed because lets be honest, Kim isn't exactly a style icon. She's not someone that the "fash pack" would want around, Kanye on the other hand definitely sees himself as a member of the fashion world. He is particularly friendly with Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci, so this simply couldn't stand with Kanye. He seemed to make it his mission to transform her and have Kim dressing to his standards, with Riccardo's help of course.

After all Kanye's hard work, Kim finally got her Met Ball invite and no one could believe it. Anna Wintour allowing Kim on the red carpet, this should be interesting. The theme was announced as Punk and no one could really put the two together but we waited with bated breath to see what she came up with. When the day finally arrived we learned that Kanye's good friend Riccardo Tisci would  be dressing her. I was excited to see what he would put a heavily pregnant Kardashian in for the met ball, and I can only describe myself as being distraught at what I witnessed. She arrived in a finger to floor floral monstrosity that looked like it has been taken from the house of a pensioner and placed on to her body. My first problem was that flowers are not punk, who failed to notice this? I wanted a black Givenchy number with some studs and lace! My second problem was why Riccardo, being a man of fashion and knowing the rules decided to dress a heavily pregnant woman in a floral dress complete with gloves, she looked like a swollen sofa.


I think both Kanye and Riccardo had a vision that went slightly wrong for their woman, that they started to doubt their ability to guide Kim on her high fashion transformation and question their methods. Then out of the blue the fairy god father of fashion came along and did what we never thought possible. Karl Lagerfeld transformed Kim Kardashian into a classy, high fashion and very pregnant beauty.

The photo shoot was arranged and photographed by Karl for Carine Roitfeld's CR Magazine's Autumn/Winter  issue. He called it "Kardashian by Karl Lagerfeld", talk about putting your stamp on something. Apparently it was Kims good friend *cough* PR manager *cough* Riccardo Tisci who suggested Roitfeld use Kim as the cover girl. What happened when Karl and Riccardo got together was some sort of fashion miracle because I honestly cannot fault anything about the spread. She looks flawless, she's obviously heavily pregnant but seeing her so stripped down and raw like that is a real contrast to the image we're always fed of the Kardashians. She was dressed in haute couture for the shoot which featured pieces from Celine, Chanel and Comme des Garcons, I bet Kanye was crying with joy now that his lady had conquered the world of high fashion.

To be honest I am a total Kardashian hater and I really should give the girl a chance, she doesn't seem at all as bad as the media portray her and from here on in I'm going to give her a fresh start. Is this just because I've seen her in a photo shoot that I actually like? probably. Asides from this I can never deny how beautiful she is and I would probably trade a limb to have her looks, she may have the looks but style don't come that easy honey! So here she is stripped down and looking every bit as amazing as Kanye could ever dream she could.


  1. Like you I'm not really a Kardashian fan and it is most definitely their greedy and irritating mother who makes me dislike them! Kim looks fabulous on these photos though!!! Is there anything Karl cannot do?!


  2. Hii !I agree with you too, I really don't like them!! (:
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