Monday, 9 September 2013

I'm back in Liverpool...

Everyone sing now "I'm back in Liverpool and everything feels the same!"
I hope you got the wombats reference, if not you probably have bad music taste, kidding. I am however back in Liverpool and everything does feel the same. Oh how I love to be in the city where the brows are big and the tan is mahogany. Liverpool has always felt like a second home to me, well it is my second home but I feel like everything here is just like a bigger version of Belfast, with less craic of course. I'm actually just writing this post to inform you all that I won't be posting until next Monday because I've moved into my new house and my internet won't be installed until then. Lets all just have a moments silence for me here because this is HORRIFYING news. I honestly don't think i'll be able to live if my house doesn't have decent 3G signal until the WiFi is installed! Anyway I won't bore you with any more details except that as soon as my internet is up and running I will be doing a post on my new room and I'm going to start my new feature "Scouse Street Style". I am so excited to get on the streets and take pictures of the lovely ladies and men of Liverpool and cannot wait to show you what they have to offer. Until then I will weep into my pillow and maybe read some of the books that I should be reading for Uni, this no internet thing could be a blessing in disguise. Until then my friends..
Lots of love and kisses,

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