Friday, 25 October 2013

It's ma birthdayyy...

Sooo seeing as I never do outfit posts and I'm long overdue one I thought I'd may as well do one on my birthday when you're supposed to look nice. I don't usually do these as I am the most over critical human alive and hate every photo of myself ever, but I thought I might as well suck it up so forced my sister into taking a million photos of me until I decided on the "acceptable" ones. I didn't go for a really amazing fancy birthday outfit simply because I only went out for a meal and some drinks with my family, god being 20 has really turned me into a pensioner. Of course I'll be celebrating when I'm back in Liverpool (on Halloween night) so I will post plenty of pictures for a "What Katie Wore Halloween special". I never really know what to do with myself in these photos to correctly show off what I'm wearing, but I'll talk you through my outfit anyway. Firstly my trusty black fedora is from Primark and probably my favourite possession as I wear it EVERYWHERE. The top is something I picked up on a whim in ARK clothing, I think this only exists in England but you can find it online here if you don't live in the UK. I love the crochet detail around the bottom because it makes me feel like a cross between a Gothic bride and Stevie Nicks all at once. The shorts are from Miss Selfridge and I actually was only drawn to them because of the lace detail on them and the lovely free belt, I wouldn't usually shop there that often but I was pleasantly surprised by some little gems in there. My chelsea boots from Topshop were a gift for my birthday and I LOVE THEM!! They're brown which is usually a big no no for me when wearing black but because of the style of the leather they almost look worn out and slightly verging on ox blood so I convinced myself this was okay, I think it was? My jewels are pretty much always from the same places because 1. I'm sort of in a serious love affair with Primark jewellery these days, it's amazing! and 2. I can't afford expensive jewellery. These earrings are actually from Forever 21 which recently opened in Liverpool and they were dirt cheap which is exactly what I like. The choker is from Topshop, my watch is Michael Kors and all of the rings as said before are Primark. 
I hope you enjoyed this little taster of my birthday outfit, I am now tucked up in bed in my onesie slightly drunk off one large glass of wine and delirious from my 5am flight/lack of sleep, I'm a really mad 20 year old.


  1. such an awesome outfit! love your hair. Now following, can't wait to see more posts xx

    1. Thank you lovely! appreciate the kind words :) xx