Thursday, 17 October 2013

Bleach London how I love thee..

I've been really awful at blogging this last 3 weeks because I've felt a bit of bloggers block. I know what I want to talk about but every time I go to write something I can't seem to put in words what I want to say! I've always been a better talker than writer and I'm not going to lie when I say my confidence does get knocked quite a bit when I see how many amazing and successful bloggers there are out there. I sometimes feel like I don't have anything new to offer and nothing amazing enough to break into the enormously popular world of fashion blogging, but I guess everyone has to start somewhere.
I'm easing myself back in again with a review of one of the new Bleach London hair dye products, which I have to rave about. Originally I wanted to go for the colour "Blullini" which is a very light pastel blue colour as I was a bit nervous about going blue. As a blonde I suppose I am at an advantage and can dye my hair almost any colour that I so please. In the past I have been red,orange,ginger,dark brown,light brown, pink and lilac, so it was inevitable that blue would be my next move. When I went to my local boots I was a bit disheartened to discover that they were currently only stocking two colours "Washed up Mermaid" and "Sea Punk". Both colours were lovely but not exactly the shade I was planning on going for and after a lot of picking up and putting down of bottles I finally decided to go with my instincts and the colour "Washed up Mermaid". It was still blue, just not the exact shade I had originally intended to go for, but for only £5 I thought I might as well get it anyway. When I got home I sat for what seemed like hours trying to talk myself into putting the dye on. It's not that I didn't want to go blue, I just didn't want to go BLUE if you get what I'm saying. My friend Eve eventually talked me into it and I reluctantly agreed and started to make up the dye in a bowl. The bottle size originally worried me because I thought it looked quite small and wouldn't cover all my hair but as I started to apply it to my hair I realised that the contents actually went a lot further than expected.

So after applying the alarmingly bright blue dye to my hair I sat waiting nervously for 15 minutes for it to develop, although I could already tell that my over bleached porous blonde hair was lapping up this blue dye wonderfully. When the 15 minutes was up I washed it out (but didn't shampoo as stated in the instructions) I think this is just so you get the full effect of the colour because of course within one wash it will begin to fade. I could already see that the bright blue hadn't really washed out of my hair at all and was feeling slightly panicked to see the final dry result. After drying and styling it up a bit I was pleasantly surprised to see that when it was dry it was actually the most dreamy colour of blue/green I had ever seen. I'm not joking when I say I actually fell in love with my own hair! Whoever named this product deserves a big high five because I was walking around feeling mermaid like for the first few days of debuting my new blue do.
I cannot rave about this product enough to anyone who feels like taking the plunge but is afraid of the outcome. If you're not feeling blue then why not try one of their other colours? They have a great range for sale in Boots and for £5 how can you say no? The other great thing is that if you do choose a dye and it doesn't turn out exactly how you had planned you can buy their washing out liquid which is also priced at £5.
I was planning on trying a few of their other colours including "Awkward Peach" and "Parma Violets" but you know I don't think I'm quite ready to stop being a mermaid yet. 
Love and Kisses,
and after a few washes..

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  1. Aw you shouldn't feel like that I love reading your blog I think you do a really good job! Your hair looks lush, I wish I had the guts to do something like that to my hair!