Friday, 8 November 2013

Polyvore I love you...

So Recently I have become a big fan of Polyvore. I've always used it to search for clothes and just to generally keep up with current fashions but I've started to make my own "sets" on it. When you make a set you're basically just creating a wish list of everything you want to buy. Or in real life, never will buy but you just want to put together an outfit of it anyway because you live in hope that one day you'll own it. I'm hoping to start using Polyvore more and more so if you're on there and want to follow me you can find me under the username "whatktwore". If you're not on Polyvore I suggest you start to use it immediately, even if you don't want to make sets it's great to help you find something you like or want. One of the best things about it is that when you click on an item, say a really expensive pair of boots, it will bring up all the items similar (and cheaper) so you can find an alternative to suit your budget, yay! Basically Polyvore rules man, get on that shit.Monochrome Madness

Zara lace dress

Zara crop shirt

Joseph cropped pants

Lace shorts
$47 -

Lace-up boots

Leather handbag
$64 -

Hipster glasses

Lips makeup

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