Saturday, 17 August 2013

Veuxdoo people..

Hey there, back again to tell you all about another amazing online vintage shop I've come across in the last week or so on twitter. I honestly think it's crazy how many great shops are out there that we don't know about because they haven't gotten that much hype, so I'm going to hype them now.
My latest discovery is an online vintage shop called Veuxdoo ( which offers really affordable and unique hand picked items. The great thing about this website is that there's only one of everything so you get yourself a unique piece and you won't have to worry about seeing someone else in it, we all know how annoying that can be.
I've been waiting for the owner to let me know when new stock went up and I had a little peek before I went out last night. I actually considered cancelling my plans and spending the night writing about clothes and I couldn't wait to get home to post about it. I could spend forever talking about how I like everything on the website so I'm going to spare you all the ramblings and pick out my three favourite items like I always do.

The first thing that caught my eye was surprise surprise, a kimono! This kimono isn't like the usual kimonos I would pick out because this looks like an actual silk Chinese kimono whereas most of the ones on the high street aren't silk. The flowery pattern adds to the oriental look of the whole thing and the fact that its only £14 just makes me love it even more.


Now this next top is actually something else all together because I've never seen an item of clothing more perfectly suited to me. It's a tie dye t-shirt that has "I love you but I've chosen cats" printed on it. I don't think I need to explain this any further because it speaks for itself. A must have for only £10.

The last item that took my fancy was this velvet waistcoat, I have a bit of an inner hippy/crusty inside me that's dying to buy this and prance about playing an accordion. The pattern on this reminds me of something that Esmeralda from The Hunch back of Notre-Dame would wear and makes me wish I was a beautiful gypsy woman. The product description of "Vintage gold and blue embroidered red velvet waistcoat with satin back and lining, with ornate button fastenings" almost has me salivating. I know I'm promoting this waistcoat but I actually think I have to buy it for myself, it's only £20 after all.

These items aren't the only lovely things on there so have a look for yourself and keep checking every so often for new clothes and goodies. With vintage and one off pieces at this price it really does pay off to spend a few hours searching to find sites like this. Plus it's great to help small businesses like this grow in a time where big companies get richer and the little ones get poorer, power to the little man. 

Lots of love and kisses,
Katie xxx


  1. Love veuxdoo! The new collection is to die for! Especially loving that kimono.

    1. Isn't the kimono just the nicest thing ever? I'm dying for the velvet waistcoat so I hope it's still there by the time I get paid ahhh!

      Love your blog just had a little snoop, will follow you asap :) xxxx