Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Omg shoes..

I really am the worst at keeping up a steady flow of blogging but I've been feeling very uninspired this week and generally just being a grumpy shit. Apologies and smiles now as I've stumbled upon the most amazing website with the nicest (and very affordable) shoes! If you haven't realised the recurring theme in my blog is "expensive things that I can't afford so here's the cheap alternative" and this is sticking firmly to this theme. If you're wondering where I find all these boutiques and online shops then get yourself on Instagram and Twitter ASAP! I've always been a massive fan of Instagram but recently I've started to discover the power of Twitter (although if you know me you'll know that I am a Facebook devotee,I'm so last year.) So my latest find is called Shop Lolita and you can find it at www.shoplolita.bigcartel.com/products.
Shop Lolita is a small online store featuring the most on trend shoes, think platforms platforms and more platforms. Everywhere you look nowadays you see people wearing flatforms, platforms, shoes that my mum would refer to as "foot problem correctional shoes". I always say if your parents don't like what you're wearing then you're on the right track. I know these shoes aren't to everyones taste because they're quite high fashion but if they are to your taste then lucky you because they're all under £30!
My absolute favourite pair has to be the Tilly lace up's, I have a thing about white shoes anyway but these are just the best. What I love about them is they're lace up's that aren't even lace ups, there's a zip on the back which for me is great because I absolutely hate lacing up shoes. I work in a shoe shop and you can imagine it's not so fun when you can't lace shoes.
If I told you these were only £27 would you believe me?  I know, just too good.
Next up are the gorgeous Daisy sandals, I never usually wear sandals because my feet are so dainty and they always fall off but these would be perfect because they're made of elastic which means they'd sit close to my feet and stretch a bit for bigger feet. I know summers almost over but I think I have to order these anyway because it's just so rare that I actually like sandals.
These beauties are only £21, what a bargain.
And last but not least the nicest boots I've seen all year, and considering I love nothing more than a good pair of black buckle boots I have seen almost every pair to grace the high street. Usually I expect to pay anything from £60-100 for a decent pair of boots from Topshop or Office, but the fact that these look so expensive yet are only £26 fills me with so much joy. It's actually funny how much clothes and shoes can elevate my mood, definitely got to be a name for this disorder.
Sadly none of these beauties are in stock at the minute because I think anyone who knew about this website snapped up all the goodies as fast as they could, smart girls. So now that we know about them, add the site to your favourites and hope and pray that by the time they're re stocked we all have enough money to stock up on a few pairs. The way I see it, I'm getting three pairs of amazing shoes for the price of one pair of Topshop boots. Sorry Topshop but I only love you when I've been paid.
Now that you've seen some of what the site has to offer go and have a look at all their other shoes and I can guarantee you will love and want most of them and be happy for the rest of the day. There really has to be some kind of name for the way clothes and shoes make me feel, when I'm not buying clothes it's like one big permanent come down of no clothes-ness and when I click "place order" the serotonin in my brain does a little dance of joy. I know you all feel the same.
Lots of love and kisses,


  1. Ah I was so excited when I found this shop too! Amazing shoes at great prices
    Lucia's Loves Giveaway

    1. I literally am counting down the days until they re stock and praying I get a pair before they're all snapped up again! Followed you on blog lovin :) xxx