Friday, 28 June 2013

Show me your wardrobe #1 - Nuala

My first "Show me your wardrobe" post features one of my best and most fashionable pals - Nuala! If you know Nuala then you'll know that she's not the type of girl who blends in to the background, with her short fringe and androgynous looks she would stand out in any crowd. She's naturally drawn to clothes with bright stand out colours that are different to most things on the high street and that's what makes her so unique; she has an eye for obscurity.
The clothes that I've taken pictures of here really reflect Nuala as a person, the bright and cheery colours represent the vivacious and confident aura that she exudes to everyone she meets while her accessories are where her tomboy-ish undertones come out.
I asked Nuala to describe her style "I love print and colour, I'd say it’s probably casual but fun. I like casual shapes like baggy shirts and t-shirts with printed leggings and I live for hats haha." I then asked her where her favourite places to shop were and she told me "Well I think a lot of my favourite clothes are from stores I’ve modelled for like Monroe Store and Smut Clothing. I really love Monroe’s new brand The Colour Collective and Lazy Oafs stuff is amazing. Every time they bring out a new collection it's better than the last! I like getting Vintage stuff wherever I can find it, I always gravitate towards vintage shops if I'm in a new city shopping. High streets chains are grand for bits and bobs but I like having clothes that I won't see anyone else wearing which is why I like more niche brands like the Colour Collective etc."

Beanie hats galore! Some hats here from the likes of Lazy Oaf and Monroe, also check out  Skulls and Bones Boys Club for cool hats and tings 

Some drawings by Nuala in the backround, her artistic personality really comes across in the clothes she wears

Dress by Lazy Oaf, find more beauties like this here - /

Jacket from Monroe (now The Colour Collective) check out their stuff here - /

Oul Nuals is the bumbag queen, here's some of her favourite accessories
Hat #1 -Shade London.  Hat #2 - Skulls Barcelona at Urban Industry . Hat #3 HUF at Candy Store Clothing

Amazing barbie crop top was a gift from Nuala's mummy ,"Say What" dress from Lazy Oaf,  Hoodie from Monroe Store (now The Colour Collective) and the rasta colour net top is from Urban Outfitters.

Some tasty shoes - Both pairs of sandles from Urban Outfitters, Trainers by New Balance and boots from ASOS

Now I know that not everyone likes this way of dressing and it can be unflattering and some people feel that maybe they couldn't pull it off, or all of the other things we tell ourselves when we limit our fashion boundaries... BUT... If you feel like maybe you'd like to wear these kind of clothes or you're looking for a bit of inspiration when it comes to dressing down but in a fashionable way then look no further! I've put together a few items from different high street and online stores as a guide to some things you might like.

This dress is understated and not particularly girly so you could wear casually during the day with a pair of trainers like the beaut new balance ones Nuala owns, or even just a simple pair of vans for a casual look. Yet if you stuck on some chunky gold jewellery and a pair of heels you could easily wear this outfit for a night out, just add some cute ankle socks and heels and you're sorted! This is from Topshop and is priced at £40, a good versatile investment I think.

Or if you were looking for something a bit more casual then a simple pair of print leggings can go a long way! Pair with anything from a plain t-shirt to a silk shirt and even add heels for a night time look. The best place to find leggings like this would usually be Urban Outfitters, these Adidas bone print ones are priced at £35
And to complete the dressed down look every girl needs a good pair of trainers, this year Nike Air Max have made a comeback and everyone wants a pair, but sadly if you're poor like me it isn't always so easy to fork out £90 on a pair of trainers :( However where there's a will there's a way and I've found you all a cheaper and equally as nice alternative, these Nike Air Base II are in the Size sale for only £45 (bargain) find them online here /

I hope you've enjoyed reading my first (and rather long) post but I just had so much to write about all Nuala's lovely clothes. If you're on here for inspiration or even just for a wee read then please check up for more posts that I'll be doing over the next few weeks as I have more wardrobes to raid and some summer holiday posts coming up. If you like me aren't going on holiday then join me in a minutes silence to mourn our lack of tans and cry over all the amazing holiday clothes in town ATM!
Anyway enough from me, again thanks for reading guys and I hope you like it :-)
Lots of love and kisses,

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