Friday, 6 June 2014

Sun worshipping

So I'm back again after another exam and work induced hiatus!
BUT I come bearing gifts of summery goodness; I landed myself a job which means more money for me which means more clothes for all to see! I also booked myself a holiday to Berlin recently which has inspired this post about wonderful summer things. I'm actually focusing on Boohoo because the lovely people over there let me have a sneak peak at some amazing pictures of their new summer collection which is gorgeous. I've chosen a few of my favourite things from the new collection that I'm hoping to get my hands on this summer which will hopefully inspire you to do the same! You may notice that I'm trying out a new method of shorter posts and more pictures because I feel like I blog less when I feel the pressure to write loads for you. So hopefully I'll get into posting more pictures which means I'll be blogging more often :) Try not to drool over these clothes now...

Beaut or what?! My personal favourites would have to be the black caged bikini and the all white outfit - which is one of my favourite trends this summer but I'm almost afraid to wear it being so pale. I'm trying my best to embrace white because as I've told you before I am a total vampire and I love black clothes. Maybe by the time I get to Berlin I will have done enough sun beds to change my skin from bright white to cream, HA. Make sure you get yourself over to to snap up some summer garms before your holidays, happy tanning! 
KB xx

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