Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Matchy Matchy..

Hello again,

I haven't written much recently as I'm in the middle of finishing up all my uni work for the year so I've been incredibly busy, apologies to anyone who actually wants to read my blogs! I thought I'd take a break and write about something I've been obsessing over at the minute; two pieces.


I've always loved two piece suits but I've never really been able to fork out the money to get myself one, then a few weeks ago I came across an Instagram account that makes one off two piece outfits and completely fell in love with their designs. They're called Shop Genoa and all of their designs are handmade and totally unique, so you'll never find anyone in the same two piece as you. They've been running since July 2013 so I don't know how I haven't managed to come across them yet, but I'm glad I did just in time for summer. Their prices seem to vary based on what kind of thing you're looking for but I haven't seen any priced over £30 which is very affordable, especially since they have to source the fabric etc. Here's a few of my favourites off their Instagram -


There's a big buzz around co-ordinates this season and even Kim K is getting in on the action, a rare moment when I will commend Kim for her clothing choices but I am loving this nude turtle neck number she's sporting.

American Apparel have also produced some amazing co-ordinates pieces, but as always they don't come cheap. You can't buy their items as one outfit but you can get yourself some leggings to match your crop top and even throw in a matching scrunchie if you have the dolla to do so.

Another place that I managed to find some great cheap two pieces was ASOS Marketplace, if you search "two pieces" or "co-ordinates" you should have plenty to choose from. They vary in price but of course the nicest are always the most expensive. Here are my two favourites, the first is priced at £84.99 and the second at £65, not the cheapest but the most beautiful in all the land.

I did set myself a goal of not wearing/buying all black outfits in the new year, which I obviously haven't stuck to. I am however going to start embracing colour and the sunshine by covering myself in tropical birds and fruit patterned clothes. I've also spoken to my very talented sister about possibly making our own two piece outfits, so watch this space for possible business ventures!

Love yas,

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  1. yeahhh! loving this trend. I also stumbled across a really new company on Instagram @lilyandthelamplight (they literally only have 30 posts) who sell two pieces out of vintage fabric so I bet you could get one for quite cheap.