Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Holidays are coming...

It's nearly Christmas and every year the one thing I associate with extreme excitement is extreme stress. I'm certain that lecturers get a kick out of giving out loads of work before, during and after Christmas, hence my lack of blogging. Anyway I thought I'd take a break from having a meltdown to write a quick blog about how excited I am to go home to the Emerald Isle for three weeks of snow, bitter cold and my ma's cooking. One thing that I love about Christmas in Belfast is that the city comes alive, despite the cold and despite silly people protesting about silly things (we'll say no more). Town really does look beautiful on a cold winters night when you're shopping and you stop off in the Christmas market for a mulled wine and some Dutch pancakes. I heard recently that our Christmas market was voted the best in the UK, I'm not sure if this is true or just a rumour but I'd believe it was true. The atmosphere and friendliness of my little city is hard to compare to and despite all of our differences and everything you see on TV, we're great craic.

Of course I'd end up talking about clothes somewhere in this post so I thought I'd encourage you all to get down to the next Lola's Vintage Kilo sale on the 7th of December in The Black Box. The last time I got to one of these was in the summer and sadly as I'm in Liverpool I've missed every one since. I'd really advise you to get down early (it starts at 10am) and the last time I got down there I was told there were queues around the corner before it even opened! If you're working that day never fear as they replenish stock all day long so you could even nip round on your break or after work and get yourself some goodies. And if you don't have the money before Christmas to splash out then even just pop round for a cupcake and a boogie as the tunes will be provided all day by the Ackright boys, and they know how to have a party.
As well as this I am happy to announce I will finally make an event run by the lovely ladies as they have another project on the go. The Rag and Bone at Made in Belfast is a weekly event and combines a rag&bone and rail sale. Vintage lovers can bring along vintage or pre-loved clothes they no longer want and trade them in for money towards their Lola's Vintage buys. The event is running every Sunday from 11-3 with £3 cocktails and brunch specials available. If the Vintage doesn't lure you in then surely the £3 cocktails will?! *I've linked the Facebook Events for both of these at the end of this post*

It's so so lovely to know that Belfast is awash with things to do this Christmas, from clothes fairs to Christmas markets and lovely new bars and restaurants opening (Hello Aether & Echo you look class!) I really can't wait to get home and try them all out. When I lived in Belfast I always found myself complaining that there was nothing to do, and now that I've moved out it seems like there's a new club night or shop opening every week! I do love Liverpool and I'll probably always find myself moving on to bigger cities and anywhere where I can find new shops to shop in, but it's true what they say... there's no place like home.

Love & Kisses,

Rag and Bone - https://www.facebook.com/events/167642936777888/
Lola's Vintage Kilo Sale - https://www.facebook.com/events/1428765297341819/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

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