Friday, 3 April 2015


So this has been a long time coming,

I'm the worlds worst when it comes to putting myself down, I never believe that my work is good enough and that's why I hardly ever post, but today in my incredibly hungover state I've decided this needs to stop.  In the over saturated world of blogging and social media it's hard to carve out a niche for yourself and it gets a bit disheartening at times when you're blogging and not really going anywhere. For me the thing I find most difficult about blogging is taking pictures of myself, I've never really enjoyed having my picture taken and I'm definitely a lot more confident on the other side of the lens. This got me thinking about how one of my biggest passions (photography) has taken a back seat these last few years and it's about time I picked up where I left off. As well as photography I love to express myself through writing, sometimes serious but mostly in a conversational "so today I did this" kinda thing. I've decided to switch things up a bit on my blog by including some girl power pieces about issues within society that I feel strongly about.
I think this will give my blog a more personal feel, because I'm not just a person who likes clothes - I like lots of other things too! Over the next few weeks I'm hoping to slowly start adding opinion pieces and photos to my blog as well as some fun collaborations with my lovely creative friends, I never really appreciated how fab and talented they all are until this moment and I can't wait for some collective girl power fun to occur.

Watch this space...

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